2018/2019 Hockey Academies

HDC has carefully designed its winter hockey academies for athletes looking to maximizes all aspects of their development. Our comprehensive program includes 3 weekly on-ice training and scrimages as well as a dry-land and sport education session. Our professional staff will ensure your player receives the highest quality training using the latest training aides and techniques.   

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Pipsqueaks™ Academy (5-6 years old)

Our Pipsqueak Academy caters to players seeking a professional and personalized start to their hockey career. The Academy is designed to maximize each player's fundamental skills-skating, passing, shooting and stick-handling, while also introducing tactical skills and game-play. HDC uses the latest on-ice and off-ice training techniques and aides and brings over 20 years of experience instructing this age group. The Academy offers over 100 hours of development on set dates and times to help families better manage their schedules.    

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Novice Academy (7-8 years old)

Our Novice Academy is designed for elite players seeking to accelerate their fundamental skill-sets while also learning the key tactical and strategic elements of the game.  With a limit of 12 participants, the Academy provides a more intimate setting for personalized professional instruction to maximize player development. The Academy offers over 100 hours of development with set times and dates to help families better manage their schedules.