One Concussion is One Concussion Too Many! CAP Concussion Prevention Program

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The first step to preventing concussions is to establish the athletes concussion risk and their individual CAP Safety Standard. The RAM Test is the only machine in the world that can measure neck function relative to sport performance. It safely tests the athletes concussion risk simulating an actual sports impact to establish strength training goals and their individual CAP Safety Standard. One measurement the RAM Test provides is the chain reaction stemming from the perception of the impulse in the vestibular system to the bio-mechanical response that is observed.

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The CAP Report is the athlete’s guide to concussion prevention throughout their sports career.  It’s accessible from any device. Click to read more.

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Not all strength training is equal or effective at reducing concussions. The qualities of strength must be developed through exercises trained in specific ways to have the functional carryover for sports protection. Click to read more.

CAP training exercises are scientifically designed for maximum carryover for different contact sports. As the athlete progresses through their sports career, their training progresses with them so that they are continuously improving performance and protection.