HDC is committed to developing the complete athlete by going beyond just physical development to include the mental, social and emotional development of athletes. Our sports education series is designed to help athletes, parents, coaches and administrators improve their ability to develop athletes through a better understanding of athlete's needs and requirements coupled with the tools, techniques and strategies to effectively deliver on those needs

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Parent Education Series

The Parent Series is designed to support sports parents with insight and strategies that deal with sporting life. From effective communication techniques and tools to facilitating improved performance, our five part series will help parents become better facilitators in fostering the engagement and enjoyment of sports  

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Player Education Series

Coaches, parents and players tend to focus all of their time and money on the physical aspect of player development. However, the science indicates that developing and improving the mental, social and emotional capabilities of an athlete is the true path to achieving both long term goals and happiness in sports. Our five part series designed to improve non-physical aspects of player development.

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Coach Education Series

Being a coach is a tough assignment. Our program goes beyond the physical aspect s of coaching such as practice and game planning and delves into the areas of communication, performance, motivation, compete levels, listening, negative behaviour andinconsistency. This 5 part series will provide coaches with the tools and strategies to deal with the mental, social and emotional areas of development.