2011 Elite Academy-Alberta Power League-SORT SKATE

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2011 Elite Academy-Alberta Power League-SORT SKATE


HDC has carefully designed its elite 2011 winter hockey academy for athletes seeking an alternative program to maximize all aspects of their development. Our program provides players with professional on-ice and off ice development coupled with showcase tournaments.

Our Program Goals

  • Create teams of similar skilled players looking for fun and rewarding Hockey experience

  • Attract and retain families that align to our overarching philosophy

  • Provide physical, mental, emotional and social development

  • Facilitate the achievement of  players short and long term goals

Development Goals

  • Significantly improve the four core fundamental skills of hockey-skating, passing- shooting- stick-handling – we will use quantitative base-lining

  • Ensure each player understands the “game of hockey” from both a tactical and strategic perspective-Players will have teaching opportunities

  • Ensure each player understands and adheres to concepts of responsibility, accountability and discipline both on and off the ice-Education series-guest speakers

  • Ensure each player is having fun in a competitive and challenging environment-exit interviews and mid season reviews

General Program Details

  • 50 hours of on ice development

  • 15 hours of dry land

  • 5 hours of video review

  • 10 hours of sports education sessions

  • 24 showcase games

  • Uniforms-Jersey, socks, pant covers, dry-land gear

  • Baseline testing

ID skate

9:00am May 26th, 2019 at HDC

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