HDC is a State-of-the-art sports training and recreational facility providing professional on-ice and off-ice athletic development.

Our facility serves as a one-stop-shop for the physical and intellectual development of players and coaches. We provide on-ice, off-ice and classroom training for all athletes seeking quality sports development. We also provide recreation programs and services for those seeking the benefits of on-ice and off-ice programs tailored for fun and social interaction.

Borne out of a need for effective on-ice and off-ice development under one roof, HDC is committed to improving the development of young athletes both physically and mentally. 

From our unique Pipsqueaks program to our elite and one-on-one programs, we cater to all athletes seeking to advance their fundamental, tactical, and strategic skills. 

We are committed to ensuring every session is focused on achieving maximum results in the shortest possible time. We provide highly organized and meticulous training sessions set in a competitive, yet fun and energetic environment.

What makes us better?
1. Our experience in developing grassroots players is unsurpassed.  We have decades of experience working with youth players. 

2. We are meticulous in developing core fundamental skills directly transferable to game situations. 

3. Value for money. We are more effective and efficient at developing players the right way. 

Our Programs

All of our programs are offered supplemental to community hockey programs.  Our programs and events are sanctioned and adhere to the standards, rules and regulations set forth by Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta. No player shall be reprimanded or suspended for registering in any of our programs.

About Sean McCarry

Sean has an extensive and varied Hockey background that includes over 20 years of coaching experience at the grassroots and elite level, coupled with 10 years of running development camps, training and mentoring coaches and volunteering with SVHA and Hockey Calgary.

  • 2005 AAA Nationals

  • 2 years SVHA Atom 1  (City Championship)

  • 4 years SVHA PW 1 (EMHW Championship)

  • 4 years SVHA Novice 1

  • 2009, 2010 and 2011 HDC Bandits Elite

  • 2009 Havoc AAA Team

  • Bantam AA Calgary Northstars

  • 5 years spring Hockey (AAA Top Guns)

  • Edge 1998 AAA Team

  • Team Canada Euro Travel teams

  • Team Alberta (2000s and 2001s)

  • Team Southern Alberta (2000s and 2001s)

  • 9 years Timbits SVHA