2017 Tournament Rules and Regulations

  1. The tournament will be played under the Hockey Canada rules unless otherwise specified by the Tournament Committee and can be viewed at www.hockeycanada.ca or downloaded as an app on your smart phone. 

  2. Non-contact divisions include 2010 and 2009.  

  3. Mouth guards are highly recommended by the Tournament Committee and the coaches of each team are asked to have all their players wear them, but are not mandatory.

  4. All division – Players must wear neck guards, no exceptions! All players in the tournament are also required to wear approved helmets, neck guards and full face mask.

  5. Penalties:

    1. Minor: 2 minutes

    2. Major: 5 minutes

    3. Misconduct: 10 minutes

    4. All penalties are stop time. See Mercy Rule #12

    5. All Major penalties will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee and the decision is final. No protests will be heard.

  6. The centre red line will be in effect for all games.

  7. A player can only play for one team.

  8. Should a team only have ONE GOALIE on the team, and the goalie gets injured, then the rules for goalie changing will apply as follows. The team whose goalie was injured will have to put a player in net until the player going in goal has changed from his player gear to the goalie gear.

  9. Overage players are not allowed while underage players are allowed.

  10. Coaches & Managers

    1. Coaches & Managers are responsible for the conduct for the players and parents during the tournament. Any abuse, racial remarks, or unbecoming conduct towards any players, referees, tournament officials or other fans will result in the person(s) responsible being removed from the arena for the rest of the tournament. Also, a five (5) minute major penalty will be assessed to the team with the abusive person(s) or player responsible.

    2. Any actions by a team that is not covered under the rules of Hockey Canada but if interpreted as disrespectful to the opposing team, referees or arena coordinators will be either be disqualified for that game or disqualified in the tournament as determined by the Tournament Organizing Committee.

    3. All dressing rooms will be left clean by the team after each game. Any room found to be left dirty will result in a five minute penalty being assessed at the start of the next game. Any damage to a dressing room, that team’s Manager and Head Coach will be held responsible for the cost of the damage.

    4. All teams are only allowed to register and dress nineteen (19) players. The roster entered on the first game sheet of the tournament is the official roster for the rest of the tournament, and once the first game has started, the roster is frozen and no other players may be added.

    5. Each team is responsible for filling out the game sheet at least ½ hour prior to each game. It is highly recommended that each team have their own stickers to use for time efficiency. Game sheets are to be filled out at the registration table. Coaches can pick up their copies of the game sheets after each game from the registration table.

    6. No stick measurements will be allowed.

    7. Automatic icing will apply at all games.

    8. One thirty (30) second timeout per game will be allowed to each team. Overtime will occur only in semi-final and final games.

    9. All teams must carry a minimum of $2,000,000 insurance and the Tournament Committee must have a copy of the insurance at least one week prior to the start of the tournament.

    10. All teams’ managers and/or coach must provide a copy of all roster players’ birth certificates/passport with the Arena Coordinator of your first game. Please go directly to the welcome desk and let the Arena Coordinator check the dates. You do not have to leave the certificates/passports with our staff.  Any use of players that did not provided a copy of their birth certificates will be considered illegal players and will be grounds for forfeiting the game as per point #11.

  11. Illegal Players

    1. Any team caught using illegal players will forfeit all wins/ties using said player(s) and all points for said games will be reduced to “0”. The losing team (the legal team) will be awarded a win and gain two (2) points.

  12. All round robin games will be 15 – 15 – 15 stop time with one flood per game and each medal game will be 20-20-20 stop time with one flood per game. Each game will start with a five (5) minute warm up. The Bandits will supply warm up pucks. If an accident should occur which results in a time delay or an ambulance being called, then the Tournament Committee will notify each coach that the clock will be dropped (if we can’t finish the game in regulation time) to two (2) minutes when there is five (5) minutes remaining in the allotted time. All games will be played in the allotted time. Any changes will be decided by the Tournament Committee and their decision is final.

    1. All teams will shake hands at the end of each game.

    2. All home teams must wear light colored jerseys. If the team does not have light colored jerseys, the Tournament Committee must be notified 2 weeks hour before the game time so other arrangements can be made. It is the home team’s responsibility to make sure this is done. If there is a delay in the starting of the game, the home team will be assessed two (2) minute penalty for delay of game.

  13. Mercy Rule - If a team is losing by a difference of six (6) goals at the start or during the second period then straight running time will apply and all penalties will be three (3) minutes for a minor penalty, seven (7) minutes for a major penalty and fifteen (15) for a misconduct. These penalties start at the drop of the puck. If the losing team gets within four goals, stop time will resume.

  14. Fighting

    1. Any players who instigate a fight will be ejected for the rest of the game and further action could be imposed by the Tournament Committee.

    2. If a fight occurs, all skaters must go to their bench. Goaltenders must stay in their crease. Any player leaving the bench will be suspended for the tournament. All fighting penalties will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee and their decision will be final. 

  15. Checking from Behind - Player may receive a two (2) minute minor or a five (5) minute major penalty depending on the severity of the ‘Check From Behind’. The player will also sit out the remainder of the game. If a second hit from behind occurs from the same player during the tournament, that player will be suspended for the rest of the tournament. 

  16. Skate sharpening equipment is not allowed in any dressing rooms.

  17. Three (3) stick infractions in one game is an immediate game ejection.

  18. All ties in round robin will remain a tie. Overtime will occur for the Sunday playoff games only. Overtime is a five (5) minute stop time sudden death period with both reams playing at full strength (penalties in regulation time will carry over into overtime). If the game is still tied, each team will select five (5) shooters, each shooter will take one shot on an alternating basis between the two teams. Home team shoots first. The team with the most goals wins. If still tied, the process will repeat using any five (5) players selected by the coaches until a winner is declared. The same players may be used.

  19. Point System

  • 2 points for a win

  • 1 point for a tie

  • 0 points for a loss

  1. Tie Breaker System between 2 teams:

    1. First tie breaker is head to head. Winner of tournament game will advance.

    2. Second tie breaker will be determined by goals for and against differential. Team with highest differential will advance. Differential is determined by goals for minus goals against with a maximum of 7 point differential in any game.

    3. Third tie breaker will be penalty minutes. Team with the lowest penalty minutes will advance.

    4. Fourth tie breaker will be to flip a coin.

  2. Tie Breaker System between Multiple Teams will be done on a multi-step process.

  3. Step 1 will be to use the goal differential to eliminate the lowest teams.

  4. Step 2 will be head to head between the remaining teams.  If this does not identify the teams, then Penalty minutes will be used or a coin flip as the last tie breaker method.

  1. It will be the responsibility of the coaches/managers to get the information from the stats board at the arena and/or tournament website as to where and when they play on Sunday for play-off games. If there are ties and the outcome of the standing will not be determined until after the last game on Saturday or Sunday morning, coaches / managers will be called and texted with the information regarding the tie breakers and game time for play-off games.

  2. Please have your team ready to go at least 10 minutes prior to the game so schedules can be accurately kept.

  3. Officials are to complete all write-ups on the back of the first game sheet as required by the rules. All suspensions will be dealt with by the Tournament Committee. 

  4. Coaches are to pick the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for their own team following the game and can be awarded in the change room. MVP award will be given to the teams’ managers when they sign in on Friday.

  5. Protests of any kind will not be accepted by the Tournament Committee, protests will result in the teams’ expulsion from the tournament.

  6. Any team officials under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted on the bench.

  7. The Tournament Committee has the right to overrule any of the rules outlined above.